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Invitation for ECOpole'14

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Invitation for ECOpole’14 Conference


We have the honour to invite you to take part in the 23rd annual Central European Conference ECOpole’14, which will be held in 15-18 X 2014 (Wednesday-Saturday) in Hotel Ziemowit in Jarnoltowek, PL.
The Conference Programme includes oral presentations and posters and will be divided into four sections:

  • SI Chemical Pollution of Natural Environment and its Monitoring
  • SII Environment Friendly Production and Use of Energy
  • SIII Forum of Young Scientists and Environmental Education in Chemistry
  • SIV Impact of Environment Pollution on Food and Human Health

The Conference Opening Lecture:

Elementary steps in heterogeneous catalysis: The basis for environmental chemistry

will be delivered by the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2007

Professor Dr. Gerhard ERTL

The Conference language is English.
Contributions to the Conference will be published as:

  • abstracts on the CD-ROM (0.5 page of A4 paper sheet format)
  • extended Abstracts (6-8 pages) in the semi-annual journal Proceedings of ECOpole
  • full papers will be published in successive issues of the Ecological Chemistry and Engineering/Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna (Ecol. Chem. Eng.) ser. A or S.

Additional information one could find on Conference website

The deadline for sending the Abstracts is 31st August 2014 and for the Extended Abstracts: 1st October 2014. The actualized list (and the Abstracts) of the Conference contributions accepted for presentation by the Scientific Board, one can find (starting from 31st July 2014) on the Conference website.
The papers must be prepared according to the Guide for Authors on Submission of Manuscripts to the Journals.

The Conference fee is 400 € (covering hotel, meals and transportation during the Conference). It could be reduced (to 250 €) for young people actively participating in the Forum of Young Scientists. But the colleague has to deliver earlier the Extended Abstract (6-8 pages) of his/her contribution (deadline is on 15.08.2014), and a recommendation of his/her Professor.
All the payments should be made on account of the Society of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering at the Bank Slaski O. Opole
IBAN: PL65 1050 1504 1000 0005 0044 3825
and have a postscript ECOpole'14 and the name of the conference participant.
For Polish participants the account is as follows:
BSK O / Opole No. 65 1050 1504 1000 0005 0044 3825
Fees transferred after 1st September 2014 are 10% higher.

Please, fill in the Registration Form and send it via email or fax.
At the Reception Desk  each participant will obtain abstracts of the Conference contributions as well as the Conference Programme recorded on electronic media (the Programme will be also published on this website).
After the ECOpole’14 Conference it will be possible to publish electronic version of presented contributions (oral presentations as well as posters) on the Conference site.

Further information is available from:
Prof. dr hab. inż. Maria Wacławek
Chairperson of the Organising Committee
of ECOpole’14 Conference
Opole University
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
phone: +48 77 401 60 42
fax +48 77 401 60 51

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About Society

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The Society of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering was founded in 1993.
To the main tasks of the Society belong:
I. Dissemination of the scientific knowledge concerned with the protection of environment especially by:
publishing journals:
-    the scientific quarterly Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S/Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna S (ECE S), ISSN 1898-6196. For 2012 its IMPACT FACTOR, IF (Thomson Scientific Master Journal List, Philadelphia) is 0.382 and 5-year IMPACT FACTOR is 0.480. Starting from 2012 one can read the papers published in the journal on the page
in the open access.
-    the scientific semi-annual Proceedings of ECOpole, ISSN 1898-617X. Starting from 2007 it is in Conference Proceedings Citation Index on the Web of Science, Thomson Reuters, Philadelphia. On this site one can find links to freely accessible all papers published in Proceedings of ECOpole.
-    the scientific monthly Ecological Chemistry and Engineering since 1994. Starting from 2008 it has the title Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A/Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna A (ECE A); ISSN 1898-6188. On this site you can find links to freely accessible selected earlier papers and starting from 2010 all papers published in the journal Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A
-    the scientific semi-annual Chemistry-Didactics-Ecology-Metrology/Chemia-Dydaktyka-Ekologia-Metrologia since 1996; ISSN 1640-9019. Starting from 2012 one can read the papers published in the journal on the page
in the open access.
On this site you can find links to freely accessible selected earlier papers and starting from 2010 all papers published in the journal Chemistry-Didactics-Ecology-Metrology.
All the journals are indexed and abstracted in Chemical Abstracts and BazTech.
Please note that we are simultaneously publishing paper version and an electronic version of each journal. They are of equal merit to the Editors. We have Readers using either the one or the other version. Starting from 2012 we recognize an electronic version as a primary one.

publishing books:
-    R. J. Aldrich:     Weed-Crop-Ecology, Opole 1997 (in Polish);
-    W. Wacławek and M. Wacławek: 110 europejskich twórców chemii (110 European Founders of Chemistry), Opole 2002;
-    Series of Proceedings/Księga Konferencyjna ECOpole (M. Wacławek and W. Wacławek (eds)): Opole 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006);
-    A. Dołhańczuk-Śródka, Z. Ziembik, M. Wacławek and L. Hyšplerová: Radiocesium activity in the Polish-Czech border region, Opole 2007
-    A. Kłos A. and M. Wacławek (eds): Biomonitoring na obszarze trangranicznym polsko-czeskim, Opole 2010.

organising training courses on different levels, among others the postgraduate ones and scientific conferences (this year (23-26.10.2013) it will be held the 22nd annual Central European Conference ECOpole’13 in Hotel Ziemowit in Jarnoltowek, PL).

II. Research in the field of ecological chemistry and engineering, specially:

monitoring of quality of environment eg agrocenosis,
radionuclide concentration measurements in environment,
utilisation of alternative energy sources in Poland (solar cells) and
water purification by different methods, among others by the reverse osmosis.

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