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  Chemistry-Didactics-Ecology-Metrology publishes mainly articles in the field of chemistry, didactics, chemometry, metrology and environmental protection as well as in the related fields. It is addressed to university teachers and students as well as to lyceum teachers and students involved in ecology.
Broad coverage of papers in the fields on: environmental protection, chemistry, didactics, chemometry, metrology as well as monitoring and biomonitoring of environment.

CDEM is indexed among others by ERIH Plus.

We are pleased to invite all of you to read two articles written by Nobel  Prize Winners:

In CDEM 2016:

 “The Climate Change Crisis?” with the main author Prof. Sir Harold Walter KROTO from The Florida State University. Prof. Kroto was the 1996 British Nobel prize-winning chemist who discovered fullerene, a new form of carbon, together with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley.
The paper was prepared on the basis of Prof. Sir Harold Walter Kroto’s lecture delivered during the 24th annual Central European Conference ECOpole’15.

In CDEM 2014:

Atmospheric chemistry and climate in the Anthropocene” with the main author Prof. Paul  J. CRUTZEN  from Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany.
Prof. Crutzen  is the 1995  Dutch Nobel Prize-winning  atmospheric chemist. He obtained Nobel Prize together  with Mario J. Molina  and Frank Sherwood Rowland.
The paper was prepared on the basis of Prof. Paul  J. Crutzen  lecture delivered during the 20th annual Central European Conference ECOpole’11.